Leather Protective Gaiters:-

We produce leather protective Gaiters to protect items from sharp objects and act as an anti chaffing aid. Various leathers are available from standard vegetable tanned, chrome and more specialist leathers like Helvetia that work extremely well in harsh environments, even at sub zero temperatures still remaining flexible. Ideal applications for leather gaiters are to protect general cables, robotic welding equipment from sparks to lifting sling abrasion. These can either be supplied with holes along the side with a leather lace, or alternatively a Velcro fastening can be used. We also produce blank pieces of leather that can be sewn onto a product to prevent wear issues. We are able to suite many different industrial applications in meeting health and safety issues.

Leather Aprons:-

We manufacture a vast number of different types of Industrial Aprons for many different market sectors. From our standard Foundry Aprons, Welders Apron which are manufactured from high quality chrome leather approximately 1.8 /2mm thick in a bib style including eyelets and straps. These aprons are also available in 3mm  chrome for extra durability. To more specialised and bespoke Polishers Aprons to prolong the life of the apron. We can manufacture  bespoke aprons to suite your exact application from chrome, full grain and split leathers. Either in half aprons to the more traditional full apron / chap style. We offer many different types of fittings from traditional  metal to the new plastic quick release design, or Velcro can be used to suite your applications.

Leather Belting:-

Our transmission belting is available in either open end or endless depending on your needs. This product is available in various widths to suite all your industrial drive needs. This belting can be supplied in a round banned style and is produced from natural vegetable tanned leather.

Leather Stitched Bellows:-

We manufacture flexible stitched bellows to suit many applications. These are manufactured from Chrome leather, approximately 1.8mm thick. They are a cost effective way of protecting valuable machinery from harmful contaminants, and reducing noise and vibration. We are able to supply these in full or split design which are resealed either by using a Zip or a Velcro fastening.