Webbing Straps:-

We manufacture various Webbing straps for different applications incorporating the traditional cam buckle with hook, which are ideal for securing light loads. To various durable plastic buckles  for quick release applications. Our standard webbing sizes are 20mm, 25mm, 40mm and 50mm available in black webbing, other colours are available.

Felt Washers:-

Felt washers are good sound absorbers and make an ideal dust seal, they are also very good for grease / oil seal applications. These can be made in various sizes, thickness and variant grades of felt are available. Our standard industrial colours are natural white and grey felt.

Cork Washers:-

Cork Washers have a good oil resistance and make a good choice for uneven surfaces under low pressure. These are available in various thickness grades.

Rubber Washers:-

We produce rubber washers in various types of rubber depending on your actual needs. These vary as follows:-

Natural Rubber Washers:- For high tensile strength and good abrasion properties.

Neoprene Rubber Washers:- Good abrasion / wearing properties and weather resistance.

Nitrile Rubber Washers:- High tensile strength and abrasion properties used for hydraulic applications, due to good resistance to oils.